Benefits for the Company:

Simply put, simulated training saves time, money and improves safety and performance.

  • Greater Efficiency = Time Savings. An hour in the simulator is equivalent to nearly three hours in an actual truck, allowing drivers to get back on the road quickly, using their improved skills
  • Saves Money. By using a simulator, you save wear and tear on the truck, save fuel, and avoid any possible accidents or breakdowns. It saves on the costs of accidents both direct and indirect. It will give a non-biased assessment/test of each professional driver.
  • Improves Safety. A simulator allows the professional driver to experience all types of road conditions, weather conditions, and traffic situations in a safe environment so they learn defensive maneuvers (for example, how to handle a rollover, how to avoid hitting a deer in the road, following too close, etc). UPS added simulation training for their drivers and saw a 38% reduction in crashes in just the first year.
  • Better Performance. Drivers who utilize the best driving skills - such as defensive driving and fuel efficiency - are more confident, have more productive time on the road, which results in greater customer satisfaction, improved safety and driver satisfaction and retention.
  • Ease of scheduling. Since our training is just one to three drivers at a time, scheduling their sessions is very straight forward with minimal down-time. Furthermore, we work around your duty days to minimize impacts on the driver’s time.

Benefits for the Driver:

Simulated training is a total immersion in the visual, auditory, and physical sensations of an actual truck. It is highly adaptable to the driver's skill level, type of truck being driven, weather and terrain. In simulated training drivers can:

  • Practice any maneuver, even dangerous ones, in a realistic and safe environment
  • Experience the virtual consequences of their driving behaviors under a variety of realistic conditions: all types of weather – snow, fog, rain in day or night, road and traffic conditions, alone or in combination
  • Learn faster due to lower stress, better feedback and less wasted time; the lessons are adapted to the driver’s capability and preferred pace
  • View instant replays of their performances including overhead blind spot views and instrument panels that would not be available in a real truck
  • Practice specific skills until they can be performed automatically, e.g. from gear shifting to backing to fuel economy to roll-over prevention to following too close
  • Receive reliable, objective performance scores that can be compared with the scores of other drivers
  • Improve their perception and anticipation of dangerous situations
  • Experience the measurable benefits of defensive and fuel-efficient driving habits

Professional Training:

  • Defensive Driving
    • Rollover prevention
    • Hazard perception
    • Dynamics of braking
  • Fuel Efficiency Driving Training
    • Emergency Action Training
    • Wheel off road
    • Steer tire blowout

Specialty Vehicles:

  • Refuse trucks
  • Snowplow

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