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Improving Trucking Performance & Scores for Post-CDL Training

What’s the latest way to improve trucking performance and improve CSA scores?

Many trucking companies recognize the answer lies largely in how well they prepare their drivers for challenges they will encounter on the road. Most companies devote large budgets on classroom and on-line training for drivers who’ve previously earned their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), taking drivers off the road to build skills and knowledge. But most companies want more from their training than these classroom and on-line programs can offer.

Human resources teams want to improve how well their company retains its best, most experienced drivers. Operations teams want to reduce risk by improving fleet management and safety programs. And everyone wants to lower costs.

Increasingly, truck driver simulation is part of the way companies are achieving these goals. As a preferred provider of advanced technology driver evaluation, training, and business service solutions, NextGen is proud to contribute to the success of other companies and the safety of everyone on the road.

How driving simulators work

Driver simulators look like truck cabins. They have a truck seat, steering wheel, gears, and brakes, along with mirrors, controls, indicators, gauges, and switches. As they use the instruments to control a simulated journey, trainees can feel the truck’s weight and the pulse of the engine.

NextGen’s high-fidelity simulator training takes drivers through conditions they will experience on the road, easily simulating challenges like insufficient lighting, traffic snarls, poor road conditions, mechanical failures, blow outs, and other factors. It also explores the many things that can make a driver’s job dangerous like, gridlocked highways, multi-vehicle collisions, and road closures. Many scenarios have solutions that are counterintuitive only Simulators can provided the continued experiential learning that creates knowledge and the ability to apply it automatically and need repeating the problem and do

Benefits of training with a driving simulator

Designed for professional drivers of vehicles including school buses,and ambulances, NextGen training is a fresh way to build skill and confidence. Better trained drivers have fewer accidents, spend more time on the road, and are easier on equipment.

That can translate to better CSA scores and cost savings. And faster deliveries with fewer problems make for happier customers.

Our simulators give accurate performance data right away. Distance and other variables are available in real time, and NextGen trainers can replay, pause, and review scenarios from multiple angles, helping drivers understand the effects of their performance from various viewpoints.

NextGen trainees receive an objective score of strengths and weaknesses that is compared with other drivers. This kind of feedback gives experienced drivers new ways to evaluate their driving skill and address any shortfalls. Safety managers are excited to see the results of this hands-on training.

Our driver simulator training can also save you money. It doesn’t require a truck, which means it doesn’t need fuel or room to maneuver and practice. This helps minimize risks to your company, equipment, workers, and community. With fewer engines idling, it’s also much better for the environment. We come to you therefore their drivers are not off revenue or rest for long.

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To get more from your training programs, NextGen training may be what you need to:

  • Improve profitability
  • Improve performance
  • Lower costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve good driver retention
  • Reduce risk

Contact us for more information, and get the continued post-CDL training that your drivers need.