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A student and trainer going through a defensive driver training session that incorporates Risk Zones in the simulator

News of NextGen Driver Training’s Risk Zones was featured as the top item under the “Moves and News” section on page 20 of Florida Truck News Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue. A photo of our simulator was also included on page 22 of the magazine.

Click here to read the full issue.

About Risk Zones

Before Risk Zones were incorporated into our defensive driving training, students had a difficult time visualizing the distance available for a driver to react. Braking distance, for instance, could only be taught verbally and through physical practice. With the introduction of Risk Zones, students can now participate in more visual, experiential training. Risk Zones are as clear as the frames of the mirrors in the simulator, so drivers can more quickly adapt to incorporating these concepts into their practice.

Risk Zones were implemented as part of an update by Virage, and it is made up of three components:

  • Perception
  • Reaction
  • Braking Distance

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