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Fleet Of Yellow Trucks In Line As A Convoy At A Rural Countryside

Training a truck driver is expensive. It takes months of planning, requires hundreds of labor hours to manage and facilitate, and results in significant recurring expenses.

Luckily, there’s a new way to cut every one of those costs. NextGen Driver Training offers a driving simulation that can improve your drivers’ skills and save money. As a preferred provider of advanced technology driver evaluation, training, and business services, NextGen offers specialized simulation training to trucking companies across the country.

Our simulators feature all of the tools of a truck, but none of the risks. Companies using NextGen Driver Training for simulation training can eliminate costly operating expenses. Let’s take a look at some of those savings.

Spending Less to Get More

Simulators don’t need fuel or room to idle and maneuver. They don’t need tires, gasoline, or tune-ups. They don’t need to be licensed, insured, or maintained.

Simulators also don’t require taking drivers off the road for days and weeks at a time. They can simulate accidents without risking equipment, instructors, and trainees. With fewer engines idling, they improve a trucking company’s environmental footprint.

They’re more practical, too. They allow trainees to replay, speed up, slow down, or even reverse scenarios, so trainees can learn more thoroughly and confidently. NextGen’s high-fidelity simulators easily mimic all road conditions. Our program can arrange scenarios complicated by insufficient lighting, traffic snarls, icy conditions, gridlocked highways, multi-vehicle collisions, and road closures.

Simulators also improve fleet management and safety programs and increase employee retention.

Moving from the traditional classroom and post-CDL training to simulation training results in lower administrative and labor costs. Participating companies can use their savings to invest in long-term, strategic programs to improve performance and retention.

Better Training Means Better Drivers

Designed for professional drivers, NextGen Driver Training helps drivers understand the effects of their performance from various viewpoints. Trainees get performance data in real-time. Sophisticated scoring on strengths and weaknesses helps experienced drivers evaluate their skills and address shortfalls.

That kind of immersive experience can translate into more time on the road, fewer equipment failures, and lower accident and insurance rates. That means better CSA scores, faster deliveries, and happier customers. Contact NextGen Driver Training to find out how you can use simulator driver training to produce better results and significant cost savings.