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A red and white truck driving down a highway with clear blue skies and sand on either side of the highway

Driver retention rates, safety issues and scheduling challenges: these are only a few of the issues affecting today’s trucking industry. NextGen’s driver training simulation software trains drivers to be safer, more efficient and educated, without risking your fleet.

Our driving simulator provides a comprehensive virtual driving experience that equips your drivers with the practice and knowledge they need to avoid making costly mistakes. Well-trained drivers are safe drivers who meet deadlines, save on operational costs and reduce insurance bills.

NextGen Trains Safer Drivers and Improves Your Bottom Line

Logistical challenges are unavoidable in the trucking industry, but there are ways you can avoid them. Here are five logistical challenges facing the trucking industry and how they’re addressed by NextGen’s driving simulator:

Get every driver trained, in any location

Let’s face it. Getting drivers into a classroom setting is difficult. Drivers are scattered along many different routes across the country, and it’s just not practical to pull multiple drivers off the road to make it to a rigid class schedule. NextGen Driving Simulator is mobile. We come to you, and we work with one to three drivers at a time. This allows us to work flexibly around your schedule.

Train your drivers on fuel efficiency without using any fuel

While technology improvements have made trucks more fuel-efficient, the operators’ driving habits undoubtedly play a major role in fuel efficiency. In fact, drivers who are trained in fuel-optimization techniques can improve fuel efficiency by 25%. Driver simulators will teach your drivers the right techniques to maximize fuel economy—without using any fuel.

Improve driver-retention rates and train new drivers

In 2019, there was a driver shortage of 51,000. That number is expected to grow if the industry doesn’t adapt. Driving simulators help with retention rates by training existing drivers on new and updated trucking technology. Driving simulators also help attract new drivers by giving them an immersive and interactive experience without the risk of learning on a massive commercial truck.

Meet deadlines and keep your schedule running smoothly

Our driving simulator gathers data and assigns performance scores to drivers. Use this information to see the areas that your drivers can improve upon. By improving the performance and efficiency of your drivers, you avoid the headache that comes from missed deadlines and late deliveries.

Improve safety

Without question, safety is always the chief concern among the entire trucking industry. Nothing is more important than saving lives. NextGen’s driving simulator teaches drivers how to anticipate and handle dangerous situations, decreasing the risk of an accident. It replicates road and weather conditions, from potholes to black ice and everything in between. NextGen also enables you to perform pre-hire evaluations of drivers, so that you can pass on high-risk drivers who lack the experience you need.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Free Consultation

Our mission is to help you train your drivers safely and efficiently in our highly immersive and technologically advanced virtual training simulator. Give your trainees the experience of driving a truck without risking actual damage to your trucks. While traditional training models are an organizational nightmare, our training unit is mobile and works with your schedule. Ensure that you have the safest drivers on the road. Contact us online today or call us at (866) 837-9510 to schedule a consultation.