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NextGen Driver Simulation Services are a totally immersive experience that replicates your actual truck: you don’t just see the environment, you also hear the sounds of traffic and the engine and feel the weight of the truck and the pulse of the engine.

Sessions are recorded from bird’s eye and driver views, along with all instruments, allowing the driver to see the effects of his driving from other viewpoints.

The reporting and tracking capabilities of our simulator—powered by Virage Simulation—provides an objective assessment of a driver’s strengths and weaknesses, while comparing to other professional drivers. This allows the instructor and company to determine effects on safety and performance, and areas for improvement.

Simulated Training

About Our Team

John Heinzel


A passionate lifelong trainer, John spent 28 years in the Navy, retiring as a Captain with many diverse, world-wide assignments of increasing responsibility. He led equipment operator and construction skills training organizations when simulators were introduced into the training pipeline at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and while a junior officer, he developed a team skills simulator still in use today. He holds a BS from Penn State and a MS from UC Berkeley. John founded Next Gen Driver Training, LLC to employ his training and skills enhancement passions to the truck and heavy vehicle industry.

Bob Arnold


Bob doesn’t like to brag, so we’ll do it for him: as a professional truck driver, he’s had 35 years, 4 million miles of incident free driving! He has a passion for teaching drivers to be safe, legal and efficient, benefitting drivers and their companies by reducing safety related costs and DOT fines. He believes customer service is a vital skill for truck drivers and incorporates that in his training, along with proper pre-planning so every trip is cost effective, safe and on time. Throughout his career he has worked for commercial trucking companies, been an owner/operator with his own rig, and spent five years as an instructor in the commercial vehicle driving program at Florida State College.

Contact Brian at Next Gen Driver Training


Brian was born in the great Motor City of Detroit, Michigan. He has spent the last 45 years training others to become experts in their fields. With extensive experience in owning and operating successful businesses across various industries—from mailing to food distribution—it’s no wonder he was drawn to NextGen Driver Training. His favorite part of the job: Seeing the improvement drivers—novice and experienced—can make through the simulated driver training program. He learned his work ethic from his father. At a young age, Brian learned that working and doing what you love is a privilege that he is blessed enough to enjoy every day. He enjoys being active during his free time by participating in outdoor activities like biking and swimming. He also cherishes time spent with his wife, daughters, and six grandchildren.

Our Mission & Vision

NextGen Driver Training LLC, a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business Company, is a preferred provider of advanced technology driver evaluation, training and business service solutions to the transportation industry.

Our mission is to glorify God by saving lives through state-of-the-art driver training.

We work in close collaboration with clients to deliver high fidelity simulation-based training to operators of oversized vehicles throughout the United States at their location. Our objective is to significantly improve the safety of the nation’s highways and byways through our state-of-the-art driver training services.

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