The only thing as important as a job well done is a job well done quickly. NextGen Driver Training prides itself on being efficient.


As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience you can bet on us to get the job done exactly to your specifications.


Our clients are the only reason we are in business. We never forget this fact and do our best for them every time.

NextGen Driver Training improves good driver retention and reduce risk.

NextGen Driver Training's simulation training can help you improve profitability and performance, lower costs, enhance customer satisfaction, improve good driver retention and reduce risk.

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  • Truck Driver Training
  • Bus Driver Training
  • Ambulance Driver Training
  • Snow Plow Driver Training

Better trained drivers have fewer accidents and less down time, and they are easier on equipment. That translates to lower costs and more time on the road. And faster deliveries with fewer problems makes for happier customers. Training develops a driver's confidence and increases retention.


Virage Simulation VS600M simulator with Snow Plow

Virage Simulation VS600M with Snow Plow at Nigh

NextGen makes it easy to train and evaluate your drivers quickly, easily and affordably. We bring our state-of-the-art professional driving simulation system right to your location. We evaluate and train your drivers quickly, with no time or expense lost for travel. Because one hour in the simulator equals roughly three hours in a truck, drivers get most effective training in least amount of time. Our simulator is able to create situations that would be unsafe for your drivers to replicate - bad weather, rough road conditions, rollovers, accidents, truck malfunctions, following too closely - in a safe, controlled environment. That saves wear and tear on your trucks as well as the cost of accidents and injuries.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Licensed: in order for any company to work in our industry they must be given license by the state. This allows us to work under protection of the law.

Bonded: for consumers to be protected many industries demand for companies or individuals to be bonded. With this, in the event of poor workmanship the client is able to recover what was lost from the bonding company.

Insured: to protect employees and clients our company is insured to cover workplace accidents as well as property and liability insurance.